Can Abacus Math help in cracking Math Olympiads?

Math Olympiads aim at challenging mathematical and logical skills of children. They might seem pretty daunting to most children. Conducted in many countries across the globe, the Olympiads are a standard measure to test the understanding and application of abacus maths concepts .With medals, scholarships and certificates children get highly motivated.  But cracking this two level exam is definitely challenging.

1. The very first thing to know is that it is a timed test - 40 or 50 questions in 60 minutes. This fact makes the

2. Only knowing a concept is not enough. Practical application at the right place is essential. Without having a strong fundamental knowledge of each concept this is impossible to clear.

3. Although it seems very simple when you have to mark one out of four choices, but that’s not reality. It is confusing and brain boggling. Every option is very well thought and planned to confuse kids in every possible way.

4. The questions which require high order thinking skills hold more marks and children have to really focus well while solving them. This is the toughest section of an Olympiad paper and only children who are able to do these questions correctly get chosen for the second level.

Now let’s see how Abacus Maths learning goes with cracking a Math Olympiad.

Clearly, the first problem of completing the paper on time gets solved with abacus learning. A child who knows how to do mental calculations holds much more advantage than others who actually solve most questions by the normal way of calculation taught in schools.

A section called mathematical and logical reasoning in an Olympiad exam requires enough patience and strong thinking skills. Abacus learning for kids sharpens both the left and the right brain and these kids really have an added advantage while solving reasoning questions.

After mentally visualizing big numbers and remembering so much from each step, children with abacus maths learning have sharp analytical skills also. With 15 mins maths daily practice of the kind of questions asked in an Olympiad paper, these children can easily crack the paper.

Another section called everyday mathematics, tests practical application of the concepts through word problems. The questions here are a matter of perfect calculation after understanding which concept would apply. The abacus geniuses find this a child’s play because their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills are faster than a calculator.

Finally, when solving the last section (High order thinking skills) which holds more weightage, children with average arithmetical and logical skills do not perform well. This section has fewer questions but they may either be lengthy or might just test a concept which requires sharp thinking, elimination ability and quick analysis. Abacus Classes provides complete brain development and these kids do not fear challenging questions at all.

So, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and relax. It’s never too late to start any brain development program; something like Aloha abacus franchisee might give you an edge on taking exams like Math Olympiads.

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