Aloha is already a very prominent organization; has plans to spread its roots across the state & helps the aspiring business persons. Aloha Gujarat offers you an Abacus franchise opportunity to become your own BOSS & be a part of our Abacus educational franchisees running across the state.
Join us; not just from the business perspective but to contribute your role & prove your leadership skills in the "making of a better generation".
Aloha is well known for its courses in Mental Arithmetic & Vedic Maths. We have mental arithmetic programs for children and we want you to grab this Franchise Opportunity which will help you to be the owner of your business. The best part is that your decisions will bear profit/loss to you only. It will all be about your efforts & decisions while you run the Abacus Franchise. Better the decisions better the growth will be. Moreover, you can provide employment to others as your franchise grows.

Is Aloha Abacus Franchisee a perfect fit for you?

The potential to grow & make a difference in your professional life by taking up an education franchise would be the perfect choice. These programs are chosen by many parents for their children as they want their children smarter and make them stand apart to face the competitive world around them.


we are growing as an Abacus Franchise Institute!

Aloha is the world's largest Educational Franchise Institute. Aloha Gujarat has more than 150 Franchise in Education across the state and we are growing at a phenomenal rate.

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Why join us as an Abacus franchise in education?

Aloha leads the world in Abacus based mental arithmetic program.

Our training & support for abacus franchise starts on day one, and never ends

Proven business model with multifold return on your investment in Education Sector.

- Affiliated to MAMAA (Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association)
- ISO 9001:2000 certified
- Affiliated to Zhejiang Abacus, China
- Trained more than 5 million students worldwide

Who can own an Aloha abacus franchise?

1. Business People with an entrepreneurial spirit

2. Home makers and single mothers looking to break into the business world

3. Retired people looking for a new source of income

4. Married couples wanting more financial independance

5. Working people looking to make a career change

6. Recent graduates looking to launch their careers but also be self employed

Aloha Gujarat

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What makes Aloha Education Franchise Special?

  • Aloha Gujarat

    Name: Mr. Uday Katarmal - Jamnagar

    Taking the ownership of one of the Abacus educational Franchise was one of the best decisions till now, which was 12 years back in 2004. It feels awesome to be a part of such a noble profession.
    For me it is just not about being in business of education Franchise but more about satisfying my soul. As at our Aloha Abacus Educational Franchise institute we all believe in contributing in making of a better generation.

  • Aloha Gujarat

    Name: Ms. Dipti Sabapara - Gandhinagar

    I run one of the first, finest and oldest Abacus franchise of the ALOHA Gandhinagar's group of Abacus franchisees. Almost every year, the dynamic director - Mr. Tushar brings various changes, be it in ERP based support and administrative system. These new creative changes brings discipline in any Abacus franchise and upgrading the syllabus.

  • Aloha Gujarat

    Name: Mr. Jairaj Kapadia - Bhavnagar

    I am running an Abacus franchise with Aloha Gujarat since 2005. Every company has a certain process of working & I have to say that the technique, process & way of working of Aloha Gujarat is amazing, we appreciate their constant support, updates, help and motivation anytime.
    I was willing to join Aloha's Abacus franchise because the course structure of Aloha Abacus Franchise is enhancing the child's learning ability & helping them competitive to stand any competition. Many students from our Abacus Franchise participated in events organized abroad and won prizes at International level which made our centre proud at the highest level.

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