New beginning

New year means new beginnings and fresh starts, If you can let go the past failure and disappointments, you can embrace a new prospective, a fresh look at the future and all wonderful possibilities it holds.

News channel from Taiwan interviewed Aloha Gujarat

Recently, National TV channel news team from Taiwan visited Aloha in Gujarat, India. Aloha were the only non-school program chosen from the India. Following clip is for Aloha only.


How Aloha continures to maintain a healthy and creative brain development of a child in today's world where gadgets have taken over all innovation abilities of children.

Aloha student from Bhuj - Gujarat - India

Ex Aloha Student from Bhuj, able to perform remarkably well in NEET Physics exam. He thanks Aloha for being able to use techniques that helped him.

The parts of the abacus

Learn how abacus beads are moved to form various numbers, calculations and give answers.

The Pinch Movement

Understand Pinch movement on abacus tool that helps children do faster addition and subtraction of numbers with quick movement of beads.

Aloha Gujarat Journey - 2004 to 2015

Glimpses into the 10 year old journey of Aloha from 2004 to 2015- state and national level competitions and how the numbers grew from then to now.

The abacus beads movements | Aloha Mental Maths Program

Parts of an abacus, name of beads and how they function to perform calculations.

Let's calculate with our hands!

Fingering- let's calculate with our hands using fingers. A unique way to calculate numbers upto 99.

Your Child's Brain has more Potential with ALOHA

Aloha empowers whole brain development of a child. How and why it focuses on both left and right brain training at the right age.

Demo by Tejas - Chennai student

Aloha children are no less than calculators. Visualization empowers them with speed and perfection which is more than practically any calculating tool.

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