How Abacus Mental Arithmetic Helps in School?

Self confidence and learning are correlated. Learning empowers and builds our confidence, prepares us for future growth and plays a major role in success! The first step is starting early. Any kind of learning that starts at an early age, sharpens the brain and moulds it in that area. For example, if you are reading stories to your two year old every day, he/she is developing language skills and has bright chances of becoming a voracious reader if the practice continues for few more years. Similarly, if we work on building logic and sharpening the left and the right brain from a very young age, a child would excel in all areas including school work.

Let’s see how.

Enhanced memory is an integral part of academics. With everyday practice of numbers on an abacus a child starts visualizing it. It gets memorized and then gradually the child solves problems without using the tool manually. To reach this point a child takes a long time. But once he achieves this, the memorizing power of the brain becomes beyond our imagination.

Speed of completing a work given in the class, comes in hand with accuracy.  Thus, if the given work is done, but not with perfection, it wouldn’t make any sense. Children who do mental arithmetic on abacus have a habit of time tests. They take tests regularly and are always making efforts towards perfect answers in a given time limit.

Now, you can also imagine the amount of focus kids have to have in order to do this every single day. Yes, slowly and gradually, the brain becomes well trained in focusing on what is being done at the moment. In fact, teachers in schools mostly struggle with this problem of children. While taking a session most of the kids are distracted or look uninterested in the topic. A student who practices abacus mental arithmetic will never face such problems in school. Keep mentors happy!

Strong conceptual understanding of place values is a must for developing a foundation in math. Abacus based learning of arithmetic uses a manipulative to make children understand the values of numbers. All elementary schools recognize and support this effective way of learning.

A lot of children find it difficult to understand the traditional method of math taught in schools. These kids can benefit a lot from abacus based learning and ultimately achieve their goals of getting better grades.  For kids who are already doing good with math, this program can help them with speed enhancement on more complicated operations. An improved logical and mathematical ability also comes to your child naturally if he is regularly practicing abacus classes (mental arithmetic).

So just a 15 minute practice on abacus each day can make your kid stand out in the class. He will surely be good not only with math, but also other activities like sports or music. This multi sensory technique is an age old practice and our children can really excel in their area of interest with more focus and confidence.

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