` Year of Rocking - Aloha Gujarat

Year 2005 and 2006 were special and magical for Team Aloha Gujarat. These two years were the defining years as they put Aloha Gujarat on the world map in the field of abacus and mental arithmetic.
The completion of the first year of operations was replete with the magic woven by the charismatic team led by Mr. Tushar Kansagara and ably supported by Ms. Neha Shah and Mr. Anesh Chandiwala together the team had appointed a total of 63 franchisees across Gujarat with a student base of over 5500 active students in the first 12 months of operation.
Many of the franchisees who were the first to join the family in 2004 precisely 16 Years ago still continue to be associated with us as Senior Franchise Members which speaks volumes about the satisfaction that they have towards their growth and the trust that they have in the leadership team of Aloha Gujarat. Their presence strengthens our core beliefs of service and motivates us to excel and improve upon what already exists.
The year 2005 saw the Team embark on a vision plan to conduct the First Gujarat State Competition which was organised at Rajpath Club, Ahmadabad. The size of the competition was the smallest one in the last 15 Years with reference to student numbers but it did set a precedence and Aloha Gujarat State Competition over the last 15 Years has become one of the most awaited events in the calendar year for all Franchisees and Students of ALOHA Gujarat. The Competition has grown over the years and the Number of students have just multiplied. 1150 Students participated in the First Competition held in 2005, in terms of numbers it was not a large event but the whole competition was like a family function as all the franchisees worked really hard to make this event a Success.
In the later part o 2005 during the Master Franchise Meet held at Chennai, Mr. Tushar Kansagara proposed to hold the National Competition in Gujarat Instead of Chennai. All the Master Franchises were of the opinion that if the team is able to do something extraordinary like number of students participating in the Competition which has never happened anywhere in the Globe then only should the consideration be given to move the competition out of Chennai. Mr. Tushar then proposed that Gujarat can get 3000 Students and if the others can pitch in a 1000 students then the National Competition can be held in Gujarat with 4000 Students which would be a record for ALOHA Internationally.
Read on to find out what happened in 2006. The story continues with many interesting moments to savour.
Yes 2005 show the advent of Aloha Gujarat in the real sense but the journey had just started. Hang on as we take you through the years and unravel some of the gems stored in our chest.

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