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Aloha Education Franchise offers you an opportunity to become your own Boss & start up your own business. Since 1993 Aloha international is spreading fast and has now reached 42+ countries with 5500+ centres and nearly 5 million registered students. Whereas in Gujarat we have nearly 2,50,000 registered students and appointed 350+ successful franchisees in its network. So you would be joining a big family in Gujarat which has a very good brand value. While you will be independently running your own business but you will never be alone, you will always be supported and guided by our expert support team to solve your problems and grow your business.

Making their children better, has always been and always will be the top priority of every parent, and Aloha franchise is just the right opportunity to tap the potential of this growing after school activities market. Aloha’s variety of courses are chosen by many parents to develop their child’s skills and make them stand apart to face the competitive world around them. No doubt that Aloha franchise is a good opportunity to earn profits, but it is also a great opportunity to contribute to society by educating and improving next generation.

Aloha believes in providing the right platform to show talents of students and thus organizes 3 huge competition every year, Wiz. State competition, National competition and International competition where in students get an exposure to compete amongst thousands of other children.

With high potential to grow, Aloha education franchise could be a perfect choice. Your passion for business and love for children is a sure shot to the success. Greater the amount of efforts you put in, better the growth will be.

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  • You get associated with a well-established & reputed brand. The reach of Aloha is not only in India but it has centers in 42 different countries of the world.
  • We provide initial and continuous management training & guidance.
  • You get access to established standard procedures.
  • You don’t have to dwell much time in trial & error period in starting & operating a new education franchise business.
  • Best part of choosing the Aloha Franchise is that it has lower financial risk compared to other ventures because the investment costs are low & profit margins are high.
  • Our Educational Franchise has a complete package which ensures a ready to go franchise unit.
  • You get the opportunity to learn the latest developments and changes in the local & global market from the franchisor and focus entirely on generating revenues.
  • You get the benefit of functioning & performing your level best under a recognized trade name/trade mark.


Aloha Courses

Mental Arithmetic

Based on Abacus classes to improve the concentration and for the development of the brain. We have two different courses Mental Arithmetic Tiny Tots for 4-7yrs age group kids and Mental Arithmetic Senior for 8-14yrs age group children.

English Smart

It's a unique and effective course to improve the writing, communication and fluency of kids in English language. Our curriculum is based on everyday scenario and practicality so students learn faster and in a fun way.

Write Smart

It is result oriented and improves the handwriting of children in just 15 days.

What we expect from you:

Investment of Rs. 12 to 20 lacs

Rented or owned Premise of 500 to 750 Sq. Ft.

Your time of 2 to 4 hours daily to manage the center

To follow systems and directions given by company

What you can expect from business:

Estimated 250% to 500% Returns on your investments in 3 years

Recognition and Respect in society

Satisfaction of doing good for children

Self improvement in variety of ways.



- Choosing a Location: The foremost and important task to start a business at an appropriate location. We help you finalize a location which will bring better business at lower rentals.

- Infrastructure and furnishings: With our project implementation manual and its orientation by our support team it will be very easy for you set up the required infrastructure and furnishings in chosen premise.

- Staff Recruitment and training: We help you recruit the right staff and train them well so that they deliver quality work for you. We have specialised training for Teaching, Marketing, Administration, Management for you and your recruited staff.

- Pre Launch Marketing Plan: It is rightly said that well begun is half done, so we work out a personalised pre-launch marketing plan for you to have a head start and good beginning.


- Teacher Training: Training is the integral part of Aloha, and it continues even after the business has starts. As most of the aloha courses are divided in levels, we provide training as well level wise with regular intervals of nearly every 2-3 months for nearly 2 years. Our trainings are conduct in 4 major cities of Gujarat.

- Marketing: From time to time we provide you with new designs for online and offline marketing and printing promotional materials. We also organize joint marketing campaigns at city and regional levels to reduce your marketing costs.

- Administration: Support team themselves visit the center periodically to guide you to effectively administrate and manage your center.

- Software Support: We provide you with state of the art ERP web based software. Which you can operate from any computing device includes all the facilities that you would need to operate aloha center. It will make your daily operations very easy so that you keeping growing to higher number of students.

- Management and Growth: Our support managers will continue to give you tips to manage your staff and center effectively. Every season they will work out a precise plans with you for growth of your business by getting more new students and retaining the existing once.


Zhejiang Abacus Association China
Malaysian Abacus Airthmetic Association
Moody International


  • Businessmen with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Home makers and single mothers looking to break into the business world.
  • Retired people looking for a new source of income.
  • Married couples wanting more financial independence.
  • Working people looking to make a career change.
  • Recent graduates looking to launch their careers but also be self-employed.
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