` Abacus Course for Mental Arithmetic Training - Age group of 8-14 years
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Mental Arithmetic Senior - based on ABACUS course

Abacus course essentially teaches children to become skilled in rapid mental mathematics with the help of Abacus beads where children use hands to manipulate beads initially. Gradually they are able to memorize the abacus beads and perform calculations mentally without using the abacus.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic provides ABACUS course that helps to memorise abacus. This concept of thinking in picture enables children to achieve a high level of speed, efficiency, accuracy, concentration and increase in memory power.

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Why is ABACUS training so important?

Abacus is the most ancient tool used for calculation. It is one of the most important calculating devices invented for the calculation purpose. With the help of an abacus, simple arithmetical functions are easy to learn. In addition to that, enrolling your kid for ABACUS classes, can help them to build confidence and concentration level in their daily activities. Not only that, learning abacus can also help a child to improve their memory.

From a long time, our education system has been concentrating on the development of left-brain activities such as reading, writing, calculating, analyzing, logic and theoretical academics. But there should be some training to sharpen the right brain activities such as music, mental arithmetic, arts & handicrafts. Well, Abacus course can do that.

In this highly competitive world, what we seek is not merely the education of the left-brain but the development of the cerebrum as a whole. Learning the Abacus mental arithmetic accelerates the development of the brain.

Why Mental Arithmetic is so important.

Why is it said that mental arithmetic (abacus course) is the best-suited medium, for brain development?

Mental arithmetic (abacus course) is an age-old technique and it has been widely stated that the best exercise for the development of the brain is arithmetic and hence mental arithmetic is expected to be the best. This technique has been accepted all over the world and is actively being used in over 30 countries around the globe. It is also observed that when children do fast calculations, using Aloha methodology they use their imagination, memory, analysis, logic, creativity, listening skills, vision etc. because of which both parts of their brain gets exercised, therefore co-ordination between them also increases. This way when the mind gets constant exercise, the mental power of the child boost.

Just like the equipment at the gym is a medium for bodybuilding, for brain development, mental arithmetic is a proven medium. After the muscles are developed, the stored energy can be used as desired, similarly, through mental arithmetic, the brain gets developed and the enhancements so acquired can be used as and when required. ALOHA centers are not only providing abacus courses for teaching mental arithmetic but its aim is to bring around complete brain development. Mental math is an added advantage garnered through the whole exercise. Initially, Mental Arithmetic (Abacus Course) is taught with the help of an ABACUS coaching.

Something about Aloha abacus course

Abacus Course was the first course provided by Aloha. Aloha has provided abacus training to millions of student. Aloha mental arithmetic abacus course has won many awards. It is most recognized brain development institute of India. Aloha Gujarat has won best academic award for mental arithmetic abacus course.

Why enroll your kid for Mental Arithmetic (Abacus Course):

  • We have a research and development team to revise the syllabus for the better and improved learning of students.
  • Teachers are not only good at teaching but they also have the capability to understand the student psychology and thus they get involved with them and help them learn well.
  • We have well-trained teachers for abacus course training.
  • We have small batches for individual attention.
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One Time Registration Fee : 980
Basic Module
- Duration : 6 Months
- Fees 5000 Rs including taxes

Master Module
- Duration : 6 Months
- Fees 5000 Rs including taxes

GrandMaster Module
- Duration : 6 Months
- Fees 5000 Rs including taxes

Course Structure

Specially Designed for age 8 to 14 years

Once a week for 2 Hours and Spread over 32 Months*

Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level.

Basics : 12 Months* Duration
Masters : 12 Months* Duration
Grand Masters : 8 Months* Duration

To further highlight the ability of students, every year Aloha conducts State & National Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic competitions for the students from all the centers.

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