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Internationally Recognized

Aloha is certified by the Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association. Aloha is also a part of the Zhegiang Abacus Association of China

Our Reach

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic has OVER 5,500 CENTRES IN OVER 42 COUNTRIES

Most Experienced

Aloha has over 3 decades of experience in Mental Arithmetic. More than 5.5 million students have benefitted from Aloha and the number is ever-increasing.

Quality is our way

Aloha India is ISO 9001 : 2000 certified for our processes, quality-systems and standards

Our vision

Our vision is to empower students from 4 to 14 years of age to grow to success with the help of this wonderful, innovative, comprehensive, easily accessible and yet affordable concept.

Our Mission

To create a network of ALOHA Learning Centres across the state providing a quality deliverance of the ALOHA methodology to the students through this novel and holistic whole brain development program aimed to help them succeed by creating a strong academic foundation for life.

Courses Offered

What the parents say about us...

Aloha Gujarat

Prakash Marathe
[Mental Arithmetic & English Smart , Surat]

We are glad to have positive effects of Aloha. It has managed to show positive results . Because of it the learning power of my child has increased. Communication power is increased. He has become more calm & focused.

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Aloha Gujarat

Darshna Sureja
[Speed Maths + English Smart + Mental Arithmetic, Rajkot]

Aloha is very beneficial for children. I can say this because my daughter Prisha Sureja and my son Om Sureja have experienced it. My daughter did senior programme, English smart and speed maths.

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Aloha Gujarat

Lalitbhai Parekh
[Mental Arithmetic, Rajkot]

Aloha Education brought magnificent change in our son’s life. Throughout his career till 10th grade, his result was increasing at rocket speed. His interest for math was right from his lower grades, but it was improvised within the period of....

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Aloha Gujarat

Shailesh & Kainsha Patel
[English Smart]

We are Shailesh Patel and Kanisha Patel parents of Yug Patel. Our Child was very poor in English writing & speaking before joining Aloha. After joining Aloha English Smart course and after that he is very much better in English writing & speaking....

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