“Handwriting is an imprint of self on page”- Dr. Rosemary Sassoon

Handwriting of an individual is a mirror of one’s soul and personality. One simple look at the handwriting can give insights into the nature of the person. The mannerism in which we frame our words on a page showcases the state of our heart as well as the mind.

For instance, the chaotic handwritten words along with an array of errors give an impression of our confused state of mind whereas, on the other hand, a good handwriting is a synonym of an enthusiastic, organized and a disciplined individual. Isn’t it, wondrous, that a few strokes by our hand can convey so much.

Even when considering the scientific perspective, the importance of good handwriting stands strong. When it comes to defining the term handwriting, we can say that the impulses from the brain, travel all the way through to the hand and the fingers, to allow the reproduction of the thoughts into a readable composition of words. It is a complex process involving the precise coordination of the brain and the hand. Thus, it can be invariably concluded that a good handwriting marks an even better thought process of an individual.

Other than the insight of the personality, handwriting also helps kids in communication. Since writing is a mode to express oneself, a good handwriting helps in a clear and effective communication, which can further be interpreted well in both verbal as well as written communication.

Research also suggests that other than being just a physical activity, a good handwriting helps in the recognition of underlying and sentient qualities of an individual.

This thus also throws light on the behavior and inner struggle of children with bad handwriting. Furthermore, it adds on to the weakened comprehension skills, flawed spelling formation and difficulty in keeping a hold of language.

Though the difficulties of having a bad handwriting are numerous but a great handwriting improvement classes can help your child extensively in all genres be it grades, personality, comprehension skills or the overall personality.

For instance, the Handwriting Improvement Course, of ALOHA, is such a Program that is full-fledged and trains your child well, not only in the areas of great handwriting but also, to the speed of writing, achievement of academic excellence and an overall great and confident personality through thorough handwriting analysis aligned with special training techniques. So, just relax and let your child’s hands create a wave of success and confidence.

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