A bad handwriting is quite tough to put up with and it becomes, especially a tedious task to mend one. The biggest challenge is to take out the required quality time to work upon improving the same, during the age when we are surrounded by our virtual world of Android and social media that has worked really hard in keeping us out of touch with writing. Thus, making us hate even the thought of practicing improvement of the handwriting.

So we bring to you a few fun ways that can keep you up and running, to practice more and more and make your handwriting a perfect one.

Handwriting Worksheets

An age-old method but indeed a sure shot, being opted for since kindergarten. The printed letters help to collect the messy handwriting well. These worksheets can help in memorizing great facts if they contain some great information like motivational quotes. Furthermore, these also help in increasing the understanding of word spacing and indentation, thus, beautifying the handwriting even more.

Digital Writing

When the smartphone keeps you away from the practice, then getting it digitalized is one fun way to practice and enjoy both. The contemporary society is heavily dependent on digital keyboards as well as keypads which has only added to the agony of having a bad handwriting but these gadgets also could have certain useful applications that can aid in digital handwriting.

Jotting Down a Favorite Book

The love for literature can help greatly in having a great handwriting. Your favorite book and a blank piece of paper can act as great friends to you. Jotting down your favorite chapters will not only give you an edge with your handwriting beautification but also give you a better insight into the literature you love.


Graphotherapy is a way to ease one’s state of mind by practicing handwriting. It thrives on the principle that a change in the handwriting of an individual could greatly alter the persona of that individual. As we know that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of one’s inner state, therefore, when you try improving your handwriting, you give way to clearer thoughts and a balanced state of mind.

So when you feel that you really do not want to write, just try taking a self-graphotherapy session and enjoy it. But do make sure that it is advised to dedicate at least half an hour to it religiously, to achieve the best results.

Replicating a Handwriting style, you adore

Nothing is perfect in this world and so stays true for your handwriting. Thus, you can constantly strive to make it better. You can go around and follow the most beautiful digital fonts, try copying your friend’s or opting for calligraphy. The options are many but the love to beautify the handwriting is the same. Carefully replicating the style, will eventually help you inculcate the writing style a habit and therefore, make it attractive.

Thus, you can see there are several ways you can work to improve your handwriting and not hate it. So, just go ahead and try them all by enrolling your kids to Handwriting Improvement Classes.

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