"A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her"- Anonymous

A primitive notion, that has run around for long is the under-fashioned and non-expansive nature of entrepreneurship of women. But the contemporary times have proven this skepticism is no more than just a notion with no grounds. Women now have the success at their feet owing to their intelligence in communication, emotions, creativity, and ability to take the initiative. This success is also backed by the success of the franchising model that has helped women to start their own franchises and simultaneously have a strong foothold in the field of established business, networking and management.

This success calls for the women of potential whose skills help them become a WOMAN in the man's world. These abilities account for the willingness and passion, that inspires the kind or the networking that helps using the business industry to the advantage of self. The confidence to take the risk and avert the failure, thereby demeaning the word impossible and making it I-am-possible.

Apart from this, the franchise model helps in up the game, by providing a model that constitutes an independent business regime. This plays a crucial role in case of women, as it can be accounted for various factors like -

a) The flexibility that comes along and allows women to resourcefully balance their business as well as their personal life, especially in terms of the length of work.

b) Another factor that accounts for it, is the luxury of owning a well-established business that already has a name around and does not require any effort for strategizing the path ahead.

c) Furthermore, it facilitates the desired training and assistance at a stone's throw, thereby making management convenient.

d) And last but not the least, the low-risk associated which can help the women grow at their own pace and ease.

The prosperity and growth of a women franchisors in India, has progressed a fine path in the present era. Women franchise has become an inherent part of the franchise business with all categories ranging from toys, fashion lines, theme-based stores, fashion apparels, aviation, hospitality, education, cosmetics and much more. Some of the most renowned chains Shahnaz Herbals, VLCC, Mother's Pride, etc are the few in many that have developed India on the path of women franchising.

A similar kind of franchisee is Aloha, which apart from creating a competitive environment in the field of education, also focuses on the progressive franchising with women and help them reach the new highs in the franchising world.

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