` Why should I enroll my child for spoken English classes?


A world wide language..Yes, that’s what it is. English is now spoken in almost every country of the world. A language to increase opportunities in business, travel and education – English stands at the forefront now for everything that you want to do. This cannot be ignored and our children being the next generation have to learn it without a second thought! Although, the fact remains - it can be the most difficult second language to learn, because of the idiosyncrasies involved in its construction.

Children learn languages without much effort. We all know that they easily learn their mother tongue by listening to people speaking around them. So if we can give them an environment for English, they will surely not have to struggle. But children, who don’t get opportunities in the family, have to move out. Spoken English classes are an option. It is always better to learn in a professional environment. Otherwise the process becomes slow and looks more difficult. A class with other children will give your child a healthy competition and more enthusiasm to learn. Let’s take a detailed look into the advantages:

  • Faster learning with proper methodology

Any language is too vast to master very soon. Only if you send your child to a place where professionals take up sessions can they learn the right kind of content which can make them feel confident and develop their interest in the right manner.

  • Healthy competitive environment for children

Learning with other children will give your child the excitement to learn better and perform even better. This will give him healthy competition and deeper knowledge. They might also get exposure to participate in competitions or language exams that are conducted in and around the city.

  • Learning  real life applications

Only theory doesn’t help when we are learning to speak. We have to throw our children into a situation to apply the learning. A professional language class gives them a place to practically use all the new words learnt, at the right place and situation. A word game or a role play can definitely do better vocab building than mugging up new words and their meanings.

  • Avoiding unnecessary topics

If your child is learning from you or a next door neighbor you surely need to know what exactly is getting done. Randomly teaching anything doesn’t really work. A child will feel disoriented if too many or too few things are taken up without any structure. For a structured learning he definitely needs experts around. They can understand exactly how and what to do with a child, keeping in mind his way of understanding things.

  • Learning  proper grammar, language structure with written application

It is beyond doubt that learning a language is incomplete if we don’t write it well. Speaking goes a long way undoubtedly, but the importance of writing can’t be ignored. Thus a place with professionals works the best for your little ones in every way.

  • Getting an environment for speaking with peers

Challenge your kid in every way when he learns a subject. Let him speak with anyone who comes in and face the situation. He might be hesitant in talking to new people at once. But he will surely speak with his friends and adults who are teaching him/her. So a English Speking Classes will surely have a set of kids who can apply the language with each other.

  • Exposure to books for reading, writing, listening and speaking (LSRW skills)

Books always do some amount of magic when it comes to children. They love to listen to new stories and do activities related to that. This works amazingly in their journey of learning; making it healthy and exciting. Professional institutes can give your child access to a plethora of books which otherwise isn’t possible.


So it is quite clear that you have to start hunting. Go fetch an amazing spoken English class for your child that has the right kind of professionals and environment. You might be lucky if you have an Aloha English Smart class nearby!

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