` Why all Aloha Franchise owners are always happy?

Why all Aloha Franchise owners are always happy?

ALOHA Gujarat has been a name to reckon with for 14 strong years. With 350+ centres all over Gujarat, the ALOHA family is continuously growing and expanding. With excellent teamwork and comradery between the company and the franchisee heads we are progressing leaps and bounds.

The technical support and background provided by the company inspires and encourages the centre heads and teachers to give in their full dedication and efforts. Allowing each centre to blossom and give fruitful results.

Our conversations with a few of the successful education franchise owners reveals the reasons behind their happiness. Here we share for you to get deeper insights on ‘why Aloha’-


Anesh Chandiwala


Name - Anesh Chandiwala
Center - Aloha Adajan - Surat
Number of Student - 350+ Students
Franchise Establishment - 14 Years Old

“Aloha presented me with the opportunity to introduce a new concept in the field of education. Which was innovative, simple and result oriented. Their strong vision and faith in the system made me want to join hands with them and take up this franchisee so as to give more and more children the opportunity to enhance their skills and excel in their studies and overall development.”

A friend introduced Mr Anesh to the Aloha team. The faith and belief they had in their system and concepts, and the clear vision of what they want to achieve, gave him the confidence to sign up with them in the initial discussions itself.

He says “The methodology and syllabus constantly evolves and is upgraded to match pace with the current education system. Competitions are held at State and National levels which evaluates the child's performance and identifies their growth.”

For him this had been a very successful business venture and he feels that “There is full potential to grow since earnings increase every year. There is full technical support and fulfilment of all commitments by ALOHA makes working with them easy and satisfying.


Nikita Modh


Name - Nikita Bhavesh Modh
Center - Aloha Gurukul – Ahmedabad, Jodhpur Cross Roads - Ahmedabad
Number of Student - 500+ Students
Franchise Establishment - 6 Years Old

“As a mother I saw my child's performance improve after 6 months of training at ALOHA. This gave me confidence in the system and the ability to convince other people about the benefits of enrolling for this course from my own experience”

The centre her son went to was on the verge of shutting, so she decided to take over and run it on her own. ALOHA being a trusted brand and with its strong presence in the field of education it was a perfect business decision.

She says “Just as our body needs daily exercise, so does our brain. ALOHA has designed the perfect course which with daily practice ensures good brain development.”

After 6 successful years of running the first centre she opened up one more because she feels “ The environment, setup, culture and quality provided by ALOHA is far superior than other institutes providing similar courses. The name itself ensures a good response from the people and the training provided by ALOHA ensures that each centre has a competent counsellor who undertakes the task of running the system perfectly.”


Neha Shah


Name - Neha Shah
Center - Aloha Kalawad Road - Rajkot
Number of Student - 1000+ Students
Franchise Establishment - 14 Years Old

“Having been in the field of education for many years, I was familiar with the concept of ALOHA and needed no introduction to them. The team provided me with full technical support and freedom to fully understand and explore their system and I realised that they believe in adding value to life and are very result oriented.”

She was running a centre for a very popular company providing the same courses, and posing as competitors for ALOHA. She found that their curriculum and quality policy was not at par and they maintained a very skewed teacher student ratio. This made her discontinue her association with them and approach ALOHA instead.

She feels that ALOHA aims at making the child a better person and wants the learning they do at the age of 4-14 to be with them for life and help shape a good future.

The support and encouragement she gets from not only the country head but also the parent company and the positive growth and expansion of her centres makes her glad she made the switch 14 years back and joined a company that allows her to grow with them.

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