What Makes Aloha Different From Other Educational Franchise?

If you are one of those people who are looking forward to enter the business world; running an education franchisee provides a whole lot opportunity. Education stands as one of the most important and growing sectors in India. When we talk about a brand name like Aloha, we can actually compare with other opportunities for the age group of 4 to 14 year olds. There are various types of educational franchises focussing on different areas like, academics, art education, computer education etc. but, none of them focus on brain development.

If you want to put a step ahead towards starting an education franchisee then you can choose the opportunity offered by Aloha. Aloha has a renowned position in the world of education- also a global name now. 
This company considers four amazing curricular activities:
Abacus, Vedic Maths, English Smart and Write Smart.
- Mental Arithmetic ( Abacus Maths): Aloha centres provide Mental Arithmetic Course through ABACUS classes. It teaches kids to perform mental math by visualizing abacus beads.
- Speed Maths ( Vedic Maths): Aloha provides classroom training for speed maths based on Vedic maths course which is marked to be a zero error technique. 
English Smart (Spoken English): Here the children are trained to develop their confidence in both oral and written communication. They train them with the application of English Language skills to develop their intelligence.
Write Smart (Improve handwriting): Aloha Write Smart with its scientific approach has given an amazing result towards the handwriting development of children. A child learns to practice good handwriting and thereby become perfect.

Most other education franchises would focus on a particular subject but Aloha is the only platform where kids get to learn four different things at one place. Competitive exams aren’t a tough task for students who have learnt abacus maths. All important skills of logical reasoning and calculating skills are naturally in place for them. Thus, cracking an exam becomes easier for them.

Aloha can be a very good startup opportunity as an Education Franchise. The abacus kids are always seen to be standing out on a common platform and Aloha itself is also different from other educational franchisees with the services that they provide.
- They assist you in starting up i.e right from the location to infrastructure to software training, they take care of almost everything.

- Three months training is provided to the teachers before they start off with their practice. 8 level training for MA(Mental Arithmetic), 10 level training for TT(Tiny Tots), 5 level training for English is given to every teacher. After which, they join as assistant teachers for at least a year before they get completely trained to practice as an expert trainer. 
-  Director of the franchisee is also given a formal training on Maths and English.
- Different from any other educational franchises, Aloha gives a level-wise knowledge to the parents about the methodology of  teaching so that it becomes easy for their child to practice everyday. 
- Aloha is always a call away. The organisation completely believes in growing together along with each centre. The underperforming centres are always asked to be helped out by the better performing ones. They share strategies of business with each other, thereby building a strong foundation.
- They organize competitions every year. State level Competition (SLC) which further leads to National Level Competition (NLC) and ends with International Level Competition (ILC) to encourage the kids perform well.

Out of the many options available around, Aloha offers you the best Education Franchise Opportunity with lots of benefits and services. The above mentioned facts surely make us assertive about this company, its foundation and its stand in the education world. Nothing can be better than starting with an established name that will run by itself. Way to go!

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