“Twentieth Century” - an era where the language ENGLISH has become one of the most important languages. To be aware of this language and speak it fluently has almost become a necessity nowadays. From  travel to business communication to anything else -we need to know the English language very well. It is certain that a person leaves a good impression if they possess an aptitude for English with great fluency along with the other ability they possess. This is a big reason why kids should start learning the language from a younger age. Parents can also try following a few simple tricks with their child which can help them to learn the language well and adapt it with an excellence.

Here, I would like to mention 5 simple techniques that you can follow with your child to help them speak fluently:

  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper every day- Ask your child to read a newspaper every day.Or maybe you can read together initially and help him/her in building an interesting habit.This will increase  reading power and give them some quality content which further leads to improved speaking capability. Also, with a habit of reading newspaper they will come across new words everyday and get good amount of general awareness.

  • Listen to and sing English songs and rhymes together- Songs and rhymes play an important role when it comes to involving children and grabbing their attention. You will notice that as soon as a kid listens to any song or rhyme they start to hum. So here lies an opportunity for you.Sing along with them in chorus and eventually put together more and more words. Also, it is said that kids learn what they hear and that is the reason they pick their mother tongue quickly. You can also try showing them some nice fairy tales or an animal planet episode to build inquisitiveness, providing with another opportunity to speak.

  • Use technology in a positive manner- Children like playing games on mobile phones. Find the best vocab building apps or brain boggling games for your device.They can have fun and learn both together. Play together and gradually shift this habit to some interesting board games which will give innumerable other benefits like enhanced attention span, rich vocabulary and increased focus.Invite some friends over for a play date. Kids with an environment at home might have better fluency in english and they will surely help your child nurture the language in a great way.

  • Send them to some good spoken English classes - The best way to help a child learn would be to send him in an environment where he can be with companions. A very good spoken english class could probably do the magic for you! Try sending your little one to the best option available near you where he can meet and learn with experts and that too in a play way method. Aloha English Smart is one of the best choices for a good spoken English class. You might be lucky enough to have a centre around.

  • Help them to think- Be a good listener, don’t finish your child’s sentences when they get stuck while speaking. By doing this you are not helping them. Instead they get a wrong message that they can let someone speak for them or fill their vocabulary gaps. Let them think on their own and speak for themselves. This helps to improve their imagination and further leads to speak with fluency. Keep your kid surrounded by books to read as “ The more they read, The more they think, The better they speak”.

It is a fact that no one learns at once, so undoubtedly your kid will also get stuck while learning but at that point of time instead of criticizing them, try to support them, try to build their confidence by encouraging them for what and how much they are trying. Follow these tips with your child and help them to learn English language and speak it with great fluency.

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