Do you have a little math dreamer who loves numbers and can probably think about math related things in every possible way? If this is the case then you as a parent or mentor have to give all the tools he needs to realize his dreams.

Talk to your child about these few cool career options that he as a math lover can take up in future.

Professional Photographer

Did you know - the “wow picture” that you just liked on your Instagram page had so much of mathemagic involved. Determining the correct film speed, shutter speed, exposure and aperture needs a lot of calculation and that too in seconds. An intuitive study of geometry is required for a good photographic composition. To capture a beautiful moment a photographer has to act very fast and with accuracy.

Forensic Scientist

One of the most important techniques in crime detection is mathematics. Crime scene investigators collect, measure and document evidence. This is an important tool forensic scientists use to determine facts and perform calculations. Interpretation of data through measurements, probability, trigonometry and geometry is all done by a forensic scientist. For example, analyzing a blood splatter in a crime scene, a scientist would use trigonometry and tell us the height of the source of blood.  Isn’t it amazing!!

Robotics Engineer

A robot is a machine which is becoming a part of our daily lives now. Robots are made to do the kind of work humans can’t or prefer not to do. We might not see them everywhere, but yes, they are now sent to space, help the military on the border and can climb a building to diffuse an active bomb. Algebraic geometry and trigonometry are used to design and create these robots. A strong foundation of calculus, ordinary differential equations, linear algebra and numerical methods are required. Once you are there you can probably create those robots and drones which do what you say.

Technical Writer

I am sure you are thinking- how this is possible. Well, technical writers are not at all math averse people. They write mostly on scientific topics. Gifted with writing talents along with math skills, they work with complicated data handling, analyzing reports, grants, proposals and guides. Publishers, manufacturing firms, advertising agencies or any other industry..they all need you! So a good grasp over geometry, linear algebra or differential calculus will give you an edge if you want to pursue a career as a technical writer.

Urban Planner

While you walk around a beautiful city have you ever imagined how it was developed? An urban planner really works hard to give you the best amenities at the right place.  But why does choosing the best location for a park require math?  Urban planning requires lot of detailing on issues like layout, housing and utilities. Determining the layout needs enough planning and statistics. When designing cities, urban planners need to understand the flow of people, air, light and electricity. Every time an urban planner changes one factor, everything else has to change as well. Math is crucial to shape these changes.


Animation is required in various fields such as broadcast and web advertising, films and game development. One major part of animation includes giving an image life like feeling. It is surely an artistic work to animate, but trigonometry, calculus and geometry help work with figures when objects move or change, while algebra helps in making that object shine. Animation includes making a lot of display frames which require knowledge of computer graphics and ultimately mathematics.  Work hard with math and your kid might make you proud working with Disney or Pixar one day!


Analysing and deciphering secret coding systems could definitely be an interesting thing to do. Cryptanalysts decipher secret coding systems and decode messages for military, law enforcement agencies or organizations that need help to keep hackers away. They continuously work to find new ways that encrypt information. They use mathematical theorems and formulae; make graphs, tables and charts of data. At least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science is required for this.

So let your little miracle enjoy mathematics and logical reasoning in every possible way. Provide him/ her with the latest techniques and knowledge in the field of math and information technology. Support them when they feel demotivated. Send them out for interesting math exposure that gives them a broader view of the subject.

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