Right Age to Start Abacus Course

Math as a subject is a must for a well rounded education of a child. Gauging the math skills of a child you can very well predict the academic performance in the long run. It is believed that 4-8 years is the best age when a child can start learning any new concept  and it is the age when grasping power of the brain is excellent and you can remember things for a longer period of time.

The child's brain activity is higher during their growth years as greatest growth of the human brain occurs from 4 years to 14 years. It is the best time when the frequency of nerves in brain increases. Memory power, concentration and reasoning skills of a child take a leap at this phase if given correct exposure.

Surprisingly, learning mathematics not only enhances confidence and strong basics to succeed in maths, it also helps them to develop critical thinking and better understanding of grammar and language. Math has to be a step by step journey. Otherwise it might look difficult to the child. At infancy or toddlerhood children can be given opportunities for simple pre math skills through books or shape toys. At pre school, mathematical terms like less than, more than and equal to start making sense to them and they can be trained in counting and understanding what every numeric value means Once your child reaches primary school he or she should be given more opportunities to enhance faster calculating speed with accuracy. They need to be placed in rich environments with high quality math programs conducted by teachers and institutes who motivate consistently.

For e.g, as children,grow they mainly think with their left brain. But learning abacus maths leads to the development of the whole brain. With the practice of abacus or mental arithmetic, kids start to learn maths in an enjoyable manner. At the initial stage, kids are taught to use the physical abacus. Gradually they start to visualize the abacus beads in their brain and towards the end of the program, memory power becomes strong enough to do all the calculations mentally. Math learning is most fun for children when new techniques are incorporated. Thus, Abacus classes is a right choice to develop the brain of a child in a right way and to start it at the right age works just as the cherry on the top.

As mentioned above, during the growing years, kids learn faster, so, it would be great if you enroll your kid to an abacus course at an early age. Aloha is an institute which provides two different courses: Mental Arithmetic Tiny Tots for kids between age 4-8 and Mental Arithmetic Senior for kids between age 8-14. 

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