Its Vacation Time! Help Kids In Their Brain Development

"How to keep your children busy in vacation, that they would learn something new while enjoying it"

It is extremely important to keep children busy during vacations. So, parents should make sure that their children get involved in some task or activity so that their time is not wasted.

Most kids change their sleeping pattern and don’t utilize their time effectively. They should follow the same sleep pattern so that they get more hours of productive working. Here are some constructive ways to keep children busy during vacations.

Summer Camps:

Summer camp is one of the best options to keep children occupied during vacations. In camps children get to explore many new things that help kids in their brain development. At the same time summer camps help to develop social skills and can also help a child to discover his/her hidden talent. Taking part in summer camps will also help to build confidence in child.  In summer camps children can enjoy visiting new places, participate in brain development program, trekking, crafting, painting, forest ranging etc; which helps to enhance knowledge. Entering into such environment helps to revitalize the mind of the child. Therefore, summer camp is a good way to keep children busy during vacations.


You can go shopping for ingredients by picking a recipe with the child and cook something together that you can enjoy eating. Depending on your child’s age and interest, this could be anything such as a simple cake! 

Be Creative:

Create a scrapbook together using photos from your family album, or torn from magazines. Have an arts and craft day and get some canvas and paints, and use paints or crayons and the kids can hang up their creations in their rooms. You can also try your hands on a new musical instrument or maybe a new dance form.


You should encourage your child in learning new sports and get him/her a feel of it by joining short term introductory workshops of different sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, Football etc. They can also get so much by playing outdoor games in the society lawn with other children of their age.


Engage your child in reading books. It could be comics, novels or any kind of story books. This will enhance the language skills and vocabulary of your child along with a habit of reading. You can improve the skill by reading aloud to children so that they learn the importance of intonation while reading.

Hobby Classes

Enrolling child for hobby classes is one of the most preferred options by parents for keeping their child busy during vacations. You can enroll them in dance classes, music classes, arts and craft classes, cooking classes, computer courses, abacus classes etc. You should try and find out more about the likes and dislikes of your child. Let your child decide about the hobby class which he or she would like to join on his or her own.

Empower Through Rigor:

If your child is weak in any particular subject give him more encouragement and identify ways that can help him improve. For eg, if a kid needs to work upon his language skills he can take up a class where he learns language with fun. Also if a child needs to improve math and logic he/she can join a class for the same. Aloha English Smart and Aloha Mental Arithmetic are two such courses that I know can help in case of any such requirement. These programs will teach with fun so that he/she gets a command over a period of time.

Play Board Games:

Our minds get nourished with board games. Let kids sharpen their memory and logic with fun board games with friends and family. You wouldnot even realize how hours pass by these games.

Nature Walk:

Go for an adventurous nature walk if you have any green surroundings nearby. This will develop the observation skills of your child and will help him develop nature love.

Build Empathy:

Help kids understand the unprivileged, old and the weak by visiting orphanages, old age homes or schools run by NGOs. You can also encourage them to teach any domestic help in and around your house who is not literate. This makes them understand and value a lot of things that life has given them easily.

Don't try and fill every minute of every day. Encourage your children's imagination and independence - let them play in their rooms or the garden. Allow them to be deep thinkers and wise doers.

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