Reading maketh a full man; Conference a ready man and Writing  an exact man!

Writing is exploration. Give your child an imaginative world to explore. Reading can educate children in a beautiful manner, but to expand their creative potential, they need to write well. Writing can be a hobby for someone or an everyday need for others. But it is a very important form of communication.

The challenge here is to make children aware of the processes involved in writing. It may be easy for a child to communicate via speaking but to transfer ideas into a written communication could be difficult for quite a lot of them. This useful skill needs to be catered from an early age. For children who start early become proficient and confident very soon. Aloha Write Smart is one program which encompasses all critical processes involved in good writing. Let’s see what actually keeps children motivated and hooked.

  • Reading is the best way to start a language learning procedure. Read aloud a lot of stories and encourage kids to pick up books and read themselves. Allow them to rewrite a story in their own words with a new ending or maybe a new problem. These kinds of story based activities are fun for them and build imagination and thinking.
  • To encourage children, just get started with lots of attractive material used for writing. Kid friendly text books make them understand and practice without getting bored. You can also design need based worksheets for them. Keep the writing exercise short in the beginning and increase gradually.
  • are a way to keep young minds happily active. With a word game that builds stories, children learn a lot. Crossword, Boggle and Taboo could be a fun way to vocab building.
  • Another thing that works well is illustrations. When children reflect on their own drawings they have a lot to say and surprisingly come up with stories and thoughts which are unbelievable. A story written by your child can be converted into a book with beautiful illustrations and this can encourage him/her to write more.
  • Pick up a word and get deeper into the words around it; brainstorm as much as possible and let the little one marvel at a self created piece of work. Do not confuse or discourage by focusing only on grammar, spellings or other technicalities. These will follow soon. To begin with, just encourage ideas and imagination and let the child be interested in this new activity.
  • Lot of children love to write about their special days and moments. Journalizing is the way to future authors, writers and deep thinkers. Let your child feel liberated with this habit. Possessing this habit will make him a good writer undoubtedly. The only thing that you as a parent can do is to help maintain consistency and ensure that the quality of writing gets enhanced with time.
  • Technology can be used as an advantage in improving writing skills. Children might find it interesting to create their own blog by writing on topics that they read and gather information upon.
  • Find online tools or Handwriting Improvement Classes that make writing easier for your child. Websites that provide content for essay writing processes, interactive and fun exercises for writing mechanics etc.

As children grow older, strategies have to be changed, interests have to be taken care of and more encouragement along with support is to be given. Let all of these work towards building this amazingly crucial skill in your child. It’s all about everyday practice, rigor and consistency!

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