Have you ever tried to understand why brain is the most important and interesting part of the body?

Here are some interesting facts you would like to know about the amazing human brain.

Brain is divided into two parts:

  • The Left Brain which is responsible for logical thinking and,

  • The Right Brain or Analog Brain which is more creative, imaginative and visual.

We can work very efficiently when both the parts of our brain work together in co-ordination, for that it is necessary to activate the brain, but the question arises HOW? Well the answer to it is ABACUS LEARNING.

Recent studies have shown that the abacus learning of mental calculation is effective in the development and activation of the brain. Starting abacus learning as young as possible is useful in activating the brains of young children. Children in practice with abacus are more accurate and spontaneous in comparison to the kids who are unaware of abacus calculation.

Let us see how abacus classes for kids helps to develop and activate the brain:

  • To improve / activate any body part the most simple thing is to work more with that body part, brain being an internal organ mental arithmetic, proves to be the best exercise for it. Now the right side of brain controls the left body part and the left side of brain controls the right body part. So when children use both the hands to move abacus beads in arithmetic calculation it stimulates cell in both the left and right side of the brain and result in balanced development of brain. Whereas moving fingers and talking aloud leads to activate the brain by providing them appropriate stimuli.

  • The concept of thinking in pictures helps the student perform better not just in Mathematics but in all subjects.

  • Constant practice of performing sums dictated by the abacus course instructor sharpens the listening skills in students.

When kids learn maths using Abacus, the process of performing calculations is known as Mental arithmetic which involves the following mentioned responses to the use of Abacus:

- Firstly, it improves the kid’s Imaginative Thinking,  when they think about Abacus Beads while calculation

- Secondly, not all are blessed with a good Picture Memory but Abacus kids are trained to do so.

- Thirdly, in Abacus Classes children are trained to solve the arithmetical problems by visualizing and thus their visualizing power increases.

Despite having good grasping power kids have to memorize a lot and for that they have to keep their brain active. There are various ways to activate the brain, where Abacus learning be the best of all. Abacus learning does not only helps to improve your mathematics but also to activate and sharpen your brain.Using abacus as a learning tool leads to better understanding and better grasping power.

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