999988899 X 9999998889 TAKES ONLY 20 SECONDS TO SOLVE

MATH! It’s boring, lengthy or maybe even disappointing for some kids. To solve numbers, especially very big numbers and calculations which are time consuming, often make them stressful. This feeling of tension and apprehension causes hindrance to the child’s overall performance. But it’s possible to break free. Let them get out of the anxiety that they face in the examination hall when big numbers pose a hurdle while solving a problem. Aloha Mental Arithmetic is the answer. 

First of all, it is important for parents and adults to realize why most kids start losing their interest in math around the time they reach middle school. The only thing they loved to do when they were toddlers was counting and playing with numbers and it seemed so simple to them. Gradually, this simplicity faded and they started to lose the charm of arithmetic. Why? One thing that surely contributed to this was lengthy calculations which they found to be tiring and then demotivation upon the fact that after making a long calculation the answer is still wrong. 

If at all at an early age we start focusing on building up extremely strong foundations for our children, the common hurdles that they face would surely pass by; making them more confident and positive in their overall performance. The best way could possibly be to start with a whole brain development program at an early age. These programs swiftly prepare them for a future that they are unaware of. Individuals with good grip over math surely do well in STEM based careers which come with exciting opportunities. 

Fear of Math follows with test taking and performance anxiety. Children avoid taking math tests due to the fear of making calculation mistakes which ultimately give wrong answers and a bad impression. These little problems become big with time. Abacus learning of Higher Arithmetic solves these problems for our younger generation. They learn how to calculate faster with complete accuracy. When a child regularly uses an abacus for calculations, with everyday practice it gets registered in his/her memory. With each passing level the performance improves because visualization of the abacus becomes stronger. After a point the child stops using a physical abacus because it gets very well memorized with him. He can visualize the beads and thereby solve big numbers without any pain. Although this methodology is time consuming and requires rigor but the effort is worth the result. If we really want our children to be less helpless and more competent in their performances towards academics or sports or extra curriculum we should introduce abacus training at an early age. 

A child who performs everyday practice of 15 minutes with this methodology can solve numbers like 999988899 X 9999998889 in not more than 20 seconds whereas smaller numbers can easily be done in 3 to 5 seconds which is even faster than a calculator. I know this looks impossible but it’s not! It is an exciting journey which leads to magic for lifetime. Let your little one experience it and he will surely thank you one day. The various other advantages it brings along are:

  • Improved comprehension skills
  • Better and faster calculation skills 
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Keener listening skills
  • Sharper memory
  • Better endurance of stress and pressure

So just don’t let a small miraculously intelligent mind lose its potential with time and don’t let big numbers scare him. Empower your kid with a whole brain development technique and let him be positive about MATH!

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