20 Ideas for School Fancy Dress Competition

The day when children have a fancy dress competition is the best day for them. They love to dress up different from the rest of the kids in their favourite cartoon character, favourite fruit or animal. All schools should host fancy dress competition at least once a year to amuse these little nuggets.

Below are 20 ideas for school fancy dress competition which can easily be made possible at home. Try them.

  1. Pizza Slice

Most of the food critics have yet to find out as to why small kids love pizza even though they don’t enjoy eating tomatoes. Dress your kid as a pizza slice or a pizza and make the fancy day competition fun for them.

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  1. Sunflower

The sunflower costume can be purchased or hired. You can also customize it with any local tailor. 



  1. Strawberry

It is a great option for your child to dress up as a strawberry for the school’s fancy dress competition. The costume can be bought or can be easily be customized at home with chart paper and cardboard sheet.



  1. Penguin

This is a very cute bird character for a school fancy dress competition but sadly not many kids are aware of it. It would be alluring and standout dress for your child to dress as a penguin.



  1. Star

Make your kid shine like a star on his/her first day at fancy dress competition. The star can be easily made with cardboard and some sparkles. 



  1. Mushroom

Mushroom looks very impressive but can be made easily if you have a hat. Mushroom is a class apart idea which not many will have.



  1. Ketchup

Your child when young would love ketchup with everything. Why not dress her as a ketchup bottle and make her look completely cute and edible.



  1. Punjabi Kudi

Your baby girl could look extremely adorable dressed up as a Punjabi kudi. Make her wear beautiful and colourful attire and let her enjoy the dress day. 

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  1. Calculator

If your child is good with numbers dress him as a calculator. This would make him look like a child on a mission to conquer the world with numbers.



  1. Traffic Signal

Take three square pieces of black chart paper. Take three circular chart paper and colour it red, yellow and green and paste them on the three square pieces. Join all the square pieces and make your child wear a black t-shirt and black pants to make him look like a traffic signal. 

C:\Users\dhruvadapaki\Desktop\Aloha\Traffic Signal.jpg


  1. Pumpkin

You can DIY your child’s costume by buying a yellow and green felt. Cut it accordingly that is big enough to cover the body of your child. Cut four leaves from green felt and stick it on top of the mango. Also, create a pumpkin cap from the leftover yellow felt. 



  1. Elephant

Elephants are intriguing and stately animals that are very certain to fascinate young kids. You can create a cardboard elephant with household materials that are readily available. Multicolour it or leave it simply grey for your child’s fancy dress competition. 



  1. Colgate

It takes a lot of effort to create a creative costume like Colgate. Homemade toothpaste, brush or floss costume can make your child stand out from the rest of the kids. Also, make a banner that says something about dental care hygiene for your child to ace the competition.



  1. Chota Bheem

Chota Bheem cartoon character is somewhat difficult to make at home. So you can always buy a costume or hire it.

C:\Users\dhruvadapaki\Desktop\Aloha\Chota Bheem.jpg

  1. Cupcake

You can simply use chart paper and cotton to make a cupcake costume at home. 



  1. Popcorn

If your child loves to go to movies, you can butter them up with this fun and buttery popcorn bucket costume that is sure to make them pop. It can be easily made at home.



  1. Rocket

You can easily create a rocket costume at your home and make your child look like a rocket scientist. Decorate the rocket with crayons, silver foil, paints and stickers and let your child go gaga over it. 



  1. Tree

Save Trees, Save Earth slogan is practised in all everywhere, even in schools. Create a tree out of cardboard and chart paper and make your child wear one for a fancy dress competition.


  1. Dinosaur

As dinosaurs have disappeared, the fascination for them has increased among the kids. They want to know everything about dinosaurs, so why not dress them as one.


  1. Thor

From Thor to Superman, every kid looks to enact like a superhero. Dress them as a superhero and give them all the power for a day.



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