12 Tips to Make Learning English Grammar Easier

How do you feel when you know that there is an opportunity right in front of you?

The opportunity you might have been waiting for a lifetime, after working hard on your education and aiming that one job!

But, you are not qualified for it or maybe you have to work for less compared to others or what if you get turned down for the profile in the initial start itself?

And, the only reason is that you don’t know how to speak the language which is used by approximately 6.5 billion people worldwide. Yes, English as a language has become a necessity lately and I’m sure we all understand and accept the fact. It is now a multifaceted mean of expressions used worldwide. And, as time’s demand, we all want to learn, write, and speak the language with expertise.

So, the major question is HOW to learn to speak the language with the correct and easy use of English Grammar?

We are providing you with 12 tips to make learning English Grammar easier.

  1. The first and most important and easiest TIP- Target on using common English words used in our daily routine— like names of fruits and vegetables in English, names of colors and shapes, telling time in English, using action Verbs and uncountable noun etc. Use them on a daily routine.

  2. The second Tip is to know the English Grammar in a fun way- Learn the basics of Grammar—the Eight parts of Speech i.e. Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb etc. You can search on the internet about it or to make or understand it more conveniently join a Spoken English Class for kids (Why? The importance of it we will discuss later)

  3. Create a Word List for the usage of parts of Speech, which will help you to remember the correct use of words as a good boost and refresher. Also, it works as a memory technique, whenever you open the old pages again to check how far you’ve come on learning and using the words.

  4. Carry on with the use of Phrases- Multiple words put together and work to describe a larger event or function is nothing, but, phrasing. Use of Phrases is a great way to describe real life events or situations, like something you saw on TV or in a movie or read something.

  5. The Favorite is Use of Clauses, which is fun because they explain our complete thoughts. We usually use them in our daily routine for example- I drink tea/coffee.

  6. Learn about Sentence by Purpose and Structure- Sentences give us the freedom of expressing ourselves clearly and the understanding of what others have expressed. Different types of sentences are used for different purposes, but are categorized into four simple forms, which actually makes understanding the language much easier.

  7. Active Reading and Listening Technique- How this will help is that you pay attention on listening to simple English music, people talking in English around you (you can later practice English by describing the same people or person you observed) read articles, blogs, books. Watch videos with simplified English.

  8. Dictionary- your oxygen for the language- Creating a list of vocabulary for the start can be helpful but a waste, if you do not understand the meaning. Use of looking up for words in the dictionary not only gives the meaning, but also the context of where and how the words can be used.

And, now that we have tried and tested the basics of grammar, how do we clear our doubts or start talking the language because any knowledge is a waste, if not utilized? The answer is to join a good and reputed Spoken English Classes.

  1. Why English Speaking for kids? it’s the easiest way to get all your knowledge into practice, people come from all over like students, professionals, housewives etc. It is these classes which take your self-learning to the next level, where you can practice the pronunciation and the correct use of the grammar.

  2. They will teach you to keep it Interactive- The English Speaking course for kids give you an edge of speaking the language in an interactive way. For example- What is your daily routine? How would you greet a person? About your culture or family, speaking about the fellow class person in your batch, etc. The more you confront with words, the more you remember their use and meaning.
  3. Speaking on Real Life Events- You can pick up topics in English from the latest news or any social media news feed, movies, or TV Shows. Make note of commonly used words and talk about them on regular bases.

  4. Flock around with like-minded people- Anything that needs to be achieved requires dedication and determination. Don’t be shy to converse in English with your friends or maybe write comments on social media.

Coming to the conclusion, all you need to do in learning English is to be comfortable. Nobody’s perfect. We make errors only to learn and get better.

I hope these points can help you achieve the desired results and make English simpler and easier to learn for you.

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