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Aloha Kamrej - Surat Center

Aloha Center :
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MR.Lalit Tank
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212,Kashi Plaza,Opp.Signate Mall,Kamrej.
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Mental Arithmetic based on abacus classesAloha Gujarat Mental Arithmetic based on abacus classesAloha Gujarat

AKSHAR ACADEMY provides Abacus training through mental arithmetic classes that helps a child to groom their memory power, confidence and calculation ability.

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About the Promoters

MR.Lalit Tank is a passionate businessman. Owner of AKSHAR ACADEMY in Surat, AKSHAR ACADEMY has been running an Aloha centre with lot of passion and has been able to give a lot to so many children around. This centre provides 3 courses- Mental Math, Aloha English and Write smart. The teachers are education enthusiasts and each kid is kept happily engaged in his activity.

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