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Mental Arithmetic based on abacus classesAloha Gujarat Mental Arithmetic based on abacus classesAloha Gujarat

SN Academy provides Abacus training through mental arithmetic classes that helps a child to groom their memory power, confidence and calculation ability.

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Aloha Achievements

Achievements and awards
  • 29-12-2016 Achivements of Aloha Ghatlodiya Centre... 3 of our Masters have got Trophies in 13th National Level Competition at Chennai in year 2016. 1. Meet H. Patel - WINNER ( 7th Level of MASR) 2. Rushik V. Shah - 2nd Runners Up ( 4th level of MASR) 3. Parmesh H. Modi- 3rd Runners Up ( 9th Level of MATT) Very very Congratulations to the students and the Pioneers of them, their Teachers.
  • 23-10-2016 Aloha Ghatlodiya Centre's 53 students has participated in State Level Competition 2016 in Surat. 20 of them has Nominated from 3rd round. 5 of them are winners and got Awarded By Mr. Loh Mun Sung ( Founder of Aloha) , Mr.K Kumaran ( Chairman of Aloha India) and Mr. Tushar Kansagara (MD of Aloha Gujarat)
  • 18-11-2017 Aloha Ghatlodia got 10 trophies , Highest in Central and North Gujarat in 13th State Level Competition-2017 1- Dwija Raval  MATT LEVEL-1 Winner 2-Mithil Patel  MATT LEVEL-10 Winner 3-Dev Pandya  MASR LEVEL-4 Winner 4-Het Y Patel  MATT LEVEL-8 1st Runner's Up 5-Darshil Suthar  MASR LEVEL-4 1st Runner's Up 6-Rushik Shah  MASR LEVEL-5 1st Runner's Up 7-Hevin Patel  MASR LEVEL-7 1st Runner's Up 8-Pratham Patel  MASR LEVEL-5 2ndRunner's Up 9-Dhyana Doshi  MATT LEVEL-10 2nd Runner's Up 10-Higest Prizes Winning Centre in State Level Competetion-2017 Aloha Ghatlodia Trophy Many Many Congratulations to All the Champions and Also to all other Participants Alohians.
  • 16-07-2017 A very Big Achivements of Aloha Ghatlodiya Centre... 2 of our Masters have got Trophies in Inter National Level Competition (INLC-17) at Malaysia in year 2017. 1. Rushik V. Shah - 3rd Runners Up ( 5th level of MASR) 2. Parmesh H. Modi- 2nd Runners Up ( 10th Level of MATT). Very very Congratulations to the students and the Pioneers of them, their Teachers.
News and Updates

Aloha Ghatlodiya Centre did one more Celebration. We celebrated Christmas with our little monsters... They sang Jingle bell... They danced... They got gifts... They got chocolates... They enjoyed a lot today... Merry Christmas

Aloha Ghatlodiya has arranged Drawing Competition to celebrate Independence Day 2016. 80 students has participated in the competition and showed their creativity by their amazing drawings. We all had a Great Day.

Aloha Ghatlodia had organized a Charity Event "Best From Waste" today on Childrens Day. Centre will Donate the total Registration amount to a Children Oriented Charitable Organization. It is our small effort to teach Social Responsibility to our Students. On Children's Day, our students helped and worked with other students who are "Differently Abled" from HOPE-Dreams come true... A note of appreciation to: Students (Dhrashti Shah) of HOPE-Dreams come true or accepting the invitation and becoming a part of us... She tought our students to create such things... Special Thanks to Ms. Radhika Shah

Aloha Ghatlodiya Centre is going to start a new batch of Speed Maths (Age-12 to 25). Date :- 08-01-2017 Day :- Sunday Timing :- 8 to 10 AM

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About the Promoters

Shweta N.Matieda is a passionate businessman. Owner of SN Academy in Ahmedabad, SN Academy has been running an Aloha centre for last 5 years and has been able to give a lot to so many children around. This centre provides 3 courses- Mental Math, Aloha English and Write smart. The centre today has around 300 children enrolled. The teachers are education enthusiasts and each kid is kept happily engaged in his activity. As one of the best centres located in Ahmedabad, SN Academy performance has been remarkable. Owner Shweta N.Matieda is now a reputed businessman. Children enjoy all sessions to the fullest especially English. The fun sessions really keep them hooked and the little bit of game time and hands on learning are something that they look forward to.

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